SILVER HOLO CROSS Glitter Shapes / 6x3mm 1/3 oz. Jar / Holographic Traditional / Opaque Nail Art / Kids' Craft / Spiritual Mementos

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1/3 ounce Jar - SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC TRADITIONAL CROSS Glitter Shapes / 6x3mm / Opaque

Terrific for nail art, and body / face make-up (Adult supervision please); great for DIY jewelry crafts, scrapbooks, storyboard/glitter tumblers and kids' crafts!

All products are maintained in a hygienic, pest-free, animal-free, smoke-free and climate-controlled facility at all times until shipped.


The glitter selection in our shop is made from polyester and will not dull and is solvent resistant.

We carefully source and select high-quality glitter for the most professional and beautiful results possible with your crafts!

This versatile glitter can be used for scrap booking, tumbler designs, nail arts, shoe design, clothing and hat design, and general crafting!